“Ozemegwa Appointed Technical Assistant on Oil and Gas in National Assembly”

In a move aimed at enhancing the National Assembly’s expertise in the oil and gas sector, Mr. Jeffery Omoh Ozemegwa has been appointed as Technical Assistant on Oil and Gas. He will work closely with Senator Benson Sunday Agadaga, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Oil and Gas Host Communities, to provide technical support and guidance on critical industry issues, particularly in the gas sector.

With his extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, Ozemegwa is well-positioned to contribute to shaping policy decisions that promote sustainable development and equitable resource distribution for host communities. His appointment demonstrates the National Assembly’s commitment to informed decision-making and advancing the energy sector’s interests.

Ozemegwa’s expertise is expected to significantly contribute to achieving these goals, and his collaboration with Senator Agadaga is anticipated to yield meaningful outcomes for the oil and gas sector. This development is a positive step towards ensuring that Nigeria’s energy sector is managed efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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