Taraba SHA : 40 Bills Passed During the 9th Legislative Session

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

The Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Bonzens Kizito John has disclose that the house was able to pass forty bills during the 9th legislative year.

He made the disclosure during a valedictory session to mark the end of the legislative year and the dissolution of the house held at the House of Assembly Chambers in Jalingo.

“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) in Section 105(1) stipulates that, “a House of Assembly shall stand dissolved at the expiration of a period of four years commencing from the date of inauguration of the House”

“Again, Section 105(3) empowers the Executive Governor to issue aProclamation for the holding of the first sitting of the House or its dissolution. In compliance with these Constitutional provisions, His Excellency the Executive Governor of Taraba State Lt. Col. Kefas Dantala Agbu (Phd) Rtd. had issued a proclamation for the dissolution of the gth Assembly today Friday 2” June, 2023.

He said that the Legislative journey was embarked upon on the first Legislative day on June 3d, 2019 following the proclamation issued by the then Governor of Taraba State Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku which has come to an end today.

“It is therefore very imperative to put on record that, the more than 726 Legislative days which we undertook and conducted our Legislative business in Taraba State had not only been rancor free, but also eventful and fruitful for Taraba. To every beginning there must be an end. Suffice to stress here again that, having stayed together as family for four years without any substantial quarrel or misunderstanding is in itself an achievement.

The Speaker convey his sincere appreciation of his colleagues and family for the confidence reposed in him to be unanimously elected to preside over the last lap of the sessions.

“As you are all aware there are very critical moments indeed in this journey. The experiences we have all gone through during this transition period will remain indelible in our minds.

“I want to believe that all the challenges and difficulties we have gone through are the will of God and should not be blamed on any individual.

According to him, the four year journey of the 9″ Assembly can be said to be successful inspite of some occasional unpleasant happenings in members relationship with the other Arms of government.

“On the whole, Honourable Members have continued to demonstrate their maturity, patience and tolerance in performance of their constitutional roles of lawmaking. representation and oversight. This is highly commendable.

He use the forum to summarized in brief some of the outstanding occurrences or sues that have happened or matters that members have handled during the tenure of the 9th Assembly, which includes, the processed over 40 Bills and Executive Orders for passage and assent by His Excellency the Executive Govenor, Darius Dickson Ishaku then.

“These Bills and Orders which are being implemented to facltate govenance and bring in dividends of democracy to the people are in the various socio-economic and political aspects of our endeavours.
The salient ones include-
The Taraba State Appropriation Law No.01 of 2019, Taraba State Kidnapping and Abduction Prohibition (Amendment)
Law No 2 of 2019, The Taraba State Political and Public Office Holders (Remuneration
and Other Benefits) (Amendment No.4) Law, No. 5 of 2019, Taraba State Contributory Health Insurance Agency Law, No. 6 of 2019, Taraba State Agency for Water Sanitation Services Law, No. 7 of 2019, The Taraba State Supplementary Appropriation Law No. 8 of 2019, The Taraba State Appropriation Law, No. 1 of 2020, Taraba State Internal Revenue Service Law, No.3 of 2020, Taraba State Road Tratfic and Motor Vehicle Management Agency (Establisthment, ete) Law, No, 4 of 2020, Taraba State Appropriation (Amendnment) Law No. 7 of 2020 and Taraba State Upgradement of Traditional Rulers and the Creation of District Amendment Order 2020.
Others are, the Taraba State Appropriation Law 2021, Law No, 8 of 2020, The Taraba State Supplementary Appropriation Law No.09 of 2020, Taraba State Violence and Discrimination against Persons (Prohibition) Law No.1 of 2021, Taraba State Audit Service Commission Law, 2021 Law No. 2 of 2021, The Taraba State Marshal Security Guards Law No. 04 of 2021, The Taraba State Chiefs (Appointment and Deposition) Law No. 05 of 2021, The Taraba State Youth Council (Establishment) Law No. 06 of 2021, The Taraba State Investment Promotion Agency (Establishment) Law No.07 of 2021, The Taraba State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (Establishment) Law No.08 of 2021, The Taraba State Supplementary Appropriation Law No. 9 of 2021, The Taraba State 2022 Appropriation Law No. 10 of 2021, The Taraba State Administration of Criminal Justice Law No. 11 of 2021, The Taraba State Audit Service Commission (Amendment) Law No. 12 of 2021, The Taraba State College of Agriculture, Science and Technology, Jalingo (Establishment) Law No. 01 of 2022, The Taraba State Bureau of Statistics (Establishment) Law No.02 of 2022, The Taraba State 2022 Revised Appropriation Law No. 03 of 2022 and The Taraba State 2023 Appropriation Law No.04.. Of 2022.

He said that Motions are processed into Resolutions, adding that the whole mark of Legislative engagement at the plenary and committee usually culminates into motions which are processed to Resolutions.

“During the period under review we have had both ordinary and substantive motions debated and Resolutions passed for implementation. Some of the motions and resolutions which are derived from Matters of Urgent Public Impotance to include, The Need to beef up security along Takum-Katsina Ala and
Takum-Wukari Roads by Hon. Garba S. Ajiya – Takum I State Constituency, The Need To Stop llegal Parking Of Heavy Duty Trucks At The Road Block by Rt. Hon. Abbas Suleiman – Gassol ll Constituency, The Need To Maintain The Original Names Of The Food Vendors In the State. by Hon. Bar. Abubakar Y. Maidalailu Jalingo I Constituency, The Need For The State And Federal Government To Send A Team of Ecological Experts To Investigate The Cause And Effects Of The
Recent Rock Eruption On Rufu Mountain, Ussa Local Government Area, by Hon. Habila Timothy Anderifun – Ussa Constituency, The Need to Come to the Aid Of Flood-Stricken Communities Of
Taraba State. by Hon. Sulaiman Abbas – Gassol lI Constituency, The Need To Reactivate The Jalingo Metropolis Street Light by Hon. Barr. Abubakar Y. Maidalailu – Jalingo I Constituency, The Need For This Honourable House To Pass A Vote Of Confidence On His Excellency, Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku And His Deputy, Eng. Haruna Manu (Rt. Hon. Dr. Joseph A Kunini -Speaker – Lau Constituency and The Need To Enforce All Directives Of The Federal And State
Governments on the outbreak of Covid 19 Pandemic Disease (Hon.
Dr. Jedua Ahmad Dawud – Gembu Constituency).

Others are the Need For The Honourable House To Pass A Vote Of Confidence
On This Administration Led By His Excellency, Arch. Darius Dickson
lshaku, and the Leadership Of The House Led By Mr. Speaker Rt.
Hon. Dr. Joseph Albasu Kunini, by Hon. Anderifun Timothy Habila
Ussa Constituency, The Need For Government To Assist The Victims Of Fire Disaster At Some Public Places in Nguroje Town Of Sardauna Local Government Area Of Taraba State, by Hon. Barr.Bashir Mohammed – Nguroje Constituency, The need for The State Government To Provide Paltiatives To The victims of Windstorm Disaster In Bissaula Ward Of Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State, by Hon. Dr. Tafarki Agbadu Eneme Kurmi Constituency, The Need For The State Government To Intervene To Save The Bridge Near Kungana Village From Totat Collapse, by Hon. Dr. Tafarki Agbadu Eneme- Kurmi Constituency, The Need To Beef Up Security In The Border Villages Of Karim Lamido Local Government Area To Protect The People From Kidnappers, by Hon. Adamu Mohammed- Karim li Constituency, The Need to Halt Massive Exodus Of Fam Products From Taraba
State, by Hon. Habila Anderifun – Ussa Constituency, The Need for This Honourable House To Pass A Vote Of Confidence on His Excellency Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku The Executive Governor of Taraba State, The Rt. Honourable Speaker Prof. Joseph Albasu Kunini and the Leadership Of The Honourable House For Outstanding Performance in Their Offices, by Hon. Abdulkarim Mohammed- Ibi Constituency, The Need for Government To Assist The Victims Of Fire DisastersWind Storms In Gashaka Local Government Area Of Mohammed Umar Gayam – Gashaka Taraba State, and The Need For The State Government To Promptly Move To Stop The Spread of the Outbreak of Cholera Epidemic In Lau Local Government Area Of Taraba State, by Rt. Hon. Prof. Joseph Albasu Kunini – Lau Constituency.

He enumerated some important constitutional legislative duties perform during the 9th legislative session to include, Screening and confirmation Executive Nominees for appointment as
Hon. Commissioner in the state Executive Council, Screening and confirmation for appointment of other Executive
Nominees Viz:- Chairmen and Members of Statutory Boards and Commissions, Caretaker Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen and Councillors of the 16 Local
Government Councils, Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator of Special Development Areas, Auditor-General State and Local Government, Other Statutory confirmations as required by the constitution and other relevant Laws.

The Speaker pointed out that during the period under review, there was twice the change of presiding officers of the House.

“At inauguration on the 3 of June, 2019 Rt. Hon. Dcn. Peter Abel Diah ( PDP Mbanmga) and Hon. Alh. Mohammed Gwampo ( PDP-Yorro) were unanimously elected as Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively.

He said that however, due to political exigencies Hon. Gwampo resigned on 2nd December, 2019 As Deputy Speaker and Hon. Charles Maijankai (PDP, Karim-Lamido ) stepped in his shoes.

“Similarly on 2 November, 2019 Rt. Hon, Dcn Peter Abel Diah ( PDP Mbanmga) and Hon. Charles Maijankai ( PDP) Karim-Lamido I) resigned from their positions thereby allowing Rt. Hon. Prof. Joseph Albasu Kunini (MP) PDP Lau and Hon. Hamman Adama Abdullahi (PDP Bali il) who were unanimously elected to replace them.

He added that on 22nd December, 2022 there was again a leadership change as Rt. Hon. Prof. Joseph Albasu Kunini (MP) PDP Lau resigned from his position and Rt. Hon. Bonzena Kizito John was unanimously elected to replace nim.

“What is remarkable in these leadership changes is that Honourable Members are unanimous in the election of their leaders as there are no open contestations on the floor of the Chambers. Power is said to be transient and it is God that gives power at any given time.

He disclose that an overview of activities successfully, undertaken by the 9h Assembly is infact a clear testimony of the fact that, you all lived up to expectations as demanded of you by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

“I sincerely appreciate you all and earnestly pray God Almighty to reward you bountifully. I also appreciate God for preserving all of us to be alive and witness this day all just as that day we were inaugurated in 2019.

Rt. Hon. Bonzen said that saddened by the fact, only a handful of them will be returning as they anxiously await the inauguration of the 10h Assembly in Taraba State.

“For my colleagues who may not be returning to this House, I wish all of you best of luck in your future endeavours. For the few of us that are going to be part of the incoming 10h Assembly, may I call on all of you to continue to exhibit that spirit of patriotism and dedicated service which we are known for, for the progress and welbeing of our beloved State, May the spirit of patriotism, dedicated service, harmonious and cordial working relationsip amongst us, Honourable Members always thrive for the benefit of Taraba State.

“Let me at this juncture conclude this speech by giving my advice which is derived from my experience as a Legislator for over a decade. The Legislature is the most grassroots arm of government. It is also the most visible symbol of democracy as well as the most powerful arnong the armsmof government.

“The Legislature must however, unite and speak with one voice for it to be respected, It must be devoid of traitors and them”goodboy” syndrome. It must be democratic in pursuit of its goals.

He pointed out that the Legislative, Executive relations must be deliberately made symbiotic and of mutual respect.

“We should note that both the Executive and the Legislative Arms aim at improving the standard of living of the electorate for whom they are in government to serve. There is therefore no reason for antagonism. The Legislature and the Executive have no reason to quarrel. They are partners in progress.

He to use the medium to sincerely commend and appreciate the Executive Governor of Taraba State His Excellency Lt. Col. Dr. Kefas Dantala Agbu Rtd. For being very considerate in exercising his constitutional powers of issuing proclamation for the Dissolution of this Assembly.

“Your Excellency the Taraba State House of Assembly will be in the fore front of supporting you in the deliverance of democratic dividends and all the changes your Administration will bring about in Taraba State.

He also appreciate his colleagues both within and outside the leadership for their patience, understanding and resilience.

He further appreciated the security men, the press, civil society groups and other, Non-governmental organizations, for their various contributions in the services to Taraba State.

” I humbly request that we all forgive each other in any area we were found wanting As we close this Assembly lets all remind ourselves that “out of sight is not out of mind”. May the Almighty God continue to guide protect and even shield all of us and our families from misfortunes – he added.

There were goodwill messages by the immediate past Speaker, Rt. Hon. Joseph Albasu Kunini and both outgoing and incoming members.

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