Insecurity : Our Security Agencies should learn from Developed Countries – Clergy

—-Self defense is Biblical and Constitutional

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Security agencies in Nigeria have been call upon to emulate security agencies of developing countries in tackling security challenges in the country.

The Director, Connectional Ministries of the United Methodist Church UMC Rev. Dr. Micah Dopah disclosed this in an exclusive chat with our correspondent in his country home.

He decried the high level of insecurity in Jalingo and parts of Taraba State, describing it as alarming.

“Security is very key and finder mental. Security and peaceful co – existence goes hand in hand for without peaceful co – existence, nothing works in life.

“I am very sad with what is happening in Kaigama Ward in Bali Local Government of Taraba State, whereby terrorists, bandits and kidnappers have scartered 15 villages and killing people.

He disclose that his members are affected in the incidents.

“This has affected most of my congregation and Charges, and not only my congregation, but also affected a lot of people.

“Going to farms in those areas have become very difficult, with the high cost of living in that area, see what the terrorists are doing in the area.

He also decried the high level of insecurity in Jalingo the state capital.

“The security situation in Jalingo the state capital is worrisome. Places like Mayo Dassa, Gulum and recently Mile six areas hardly sleep with their two eyes close while some people don’t sleep in their homes.

He express shock with the presence of the Headquarters of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp NSCDC, but operation went on successfully.

“If kidnappers can come to Mile six area and operate freely with the Headquarters of the NSCDC, I am afraid. It is high time our security operatives should seat up to their responsibilities. It is not fair when gunmen would enter into a place and operate for 2-3 hours without response of the security, it is only when they have finished their operation and left, that security would blow siren, pretending to do security work.

“Our security agencies should learn from the developing countries and even from nearby Niger Republic. This type of thing cannot happen in Niger Republic.

He call on the security agencies to seat up to their constitutional responsibilities to our respective communities within and outside Jalingo.

“Self defense is Biblical and Constitutional. Community leaders and Youths should form vigilante groups that will protect their environment.

“Relaying 100 percent on government for security now doesn’t work, for instance if you discover that there are kidnappers on the mountain, which 99 percent of them are Fulanis, most of those that would go there are their kingsmen.

“Taraba State Vigilante and Hunters groups should be considered first to respond to the security situation before other security agencies could come in.

He said people are kidnapped daily and ramson demanded in Millions of Naira. People and communities should take security as their responsibilities.

“As Christian Leaders, we have decided to declare Three days prayer and fasting for the security situation in Taraba State – he said.

sidents flee as bandits take over 15 communities, kidnapping many in Taraba.

By Chuwang Dungs

Residents are deserting their homes as 15 communities have so far been captured by bandits in Bali local government area of Taraba State.

Between August 4 and August 6, 2023

bandits invaded about 15 villages, with an estimated population of 4000 persons, in Bali and over 40 persons were declared missing after the invasion.

Bali is located in the central zone of the state and some 161km from Jalingo, the capital of the state, surrounded by thick forest and mountains.

Villagers said the culprits often hid in the forest, mountains and other hideouts after launching their attacks.

Some of the communities sacked are Garbatau, Mirimidankol, Gidan Hamidu, Dangiwa and Nayinawa.

Others are Garin Gima, Bantaguru, ShaDussa, Garin Bose, Mailabari and Kaigama among several other communities.

Also on Wednesday 6 September, they attacked Garba Chede, a large settlement in the locality, according to residents many are still missing, including women and children.

Residents said abduction of farmers, travellers and businessmen and women has become a daily activity by bandits, halting business and farming activities in many of the villages of the LGA.

A resident of Bali town, Sani Ibrahim, told PREMIUM TIMES that because of the recurring attacks residents of most of the communities flee their homes and the bandits are now living in those communities.

“This is the situation now in Bali. We are in a terrible situation. Even last Wednesday they attacked Garba Chede, where most of the displaced persons are taking refuge and kidnapped many, including women and children.

“We can’t go to the farm because if you are found in the farm, you will either be abducted or killed. Life entirely has become miserable. We are calling on relevant authorities to come to our aid.

One of the villagers from Garbatau community, which was also attacked, Musa Mainoma, said residents of the affected villages have deserted the area and are now taking refuge in Garba Chede, Sunkani and Pamamga towns.

He said many of those that fled are still missing and parents are still searching for their missing children.

He said the bandits kidnapped many villagers and rustled cattle and also looted shops in all the villages they attacked.

A resident of Garba Chede, Dodo, explained that over three thousand people that ran away from the farming communities during the attacks are now taking refuge in Garba Chede town.

He said residents of Garba Chede town have offered free accommodation to the victims.

The district head of Gamfurum, Muhammed Gamfurum, confirmed to Journalists that 15 communities in the locality are now under the control of bandits.

Gamfurum said the bandits are in the communities living and operating freely.

According to him, hundreds of people from the communities are in custody of the kidnappers, while those lucky to have escaped from the areas, have taken refuge in Garba-Chede, the administrative headquarters of the chiefdom.

He said he narrowly escaped from one of the communities with his wives and children.

“They attempted to abduct me and members of my family severally, but I escaped, and was compelled to relocate from the area with my family.

He said: “We have no option than to run away from our towns and villages to safe areas, because the bandits are in large numbers and armed with AK47 guns.

“The bandits treat abductees as slaves; they chain and force them to carry loads. whenever they are moving to another base or location.”

“I am appealing to relevant authorities to, as a matter of urgency, put mechanisms in place to address the situation, as the bandits had in the last one week, abducted many, including women and children.” He said.

He disclosed that six victims from the communities regained freedom after paying N7 million ransom.

While confirming the development, spokesperson for Taraba State Police Command, Abdullahi Usman, said the command has come up with a joint patrol to arrest the situation.

He said the joint patrol comprises the military, police, hunters, and the vigilantes.

Usman said the team would soon flush out the bandits who have been making life unbearable for the people.

He said: “Last Friday, the Commissioner of Police drafted more men to join that operation. He briefed them at the headquarters before drafting them, and more men will also be sent to beef up operation.”i

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